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April 2021

Memfault Now Offering Free Trial#

The day you have all (maybe) been waiting for is here! Anyone can now sign up for a free trial of Memfault! There is no sales tea in your way of getting your devices integrated with Memfault and monitoring your fleet of devices.

Check out our press release to learn more.

March 2021

User Management Improvements#

You can now view, invite, remove, and set roles for all users in your Organization!

You can find this setting under Admin -> Users. This feature is only available for admins of an Organization.

February 2021

Android Timeline Improvements#

Many improvements have been happening on the Android side of the product, primarily when viewing Caliper data within the Timeline view. We now include almost every type of data a device can send in the timeline view, such as drop box manager entries, log files, traces, and more.

View the timeline by day, drill into specific hours, and navigate to the pieces of data that you want to investigate!

January 2021

Issue Merging#

Make your Issue list more organized and concise with the new Issue merging feature! Users can now merge Issues together by clicking the Merge button on the detail page of an Issue and then selecting which Issue to be its parent.

This workflow is especially useful when there are multiple Issues stemming from the same root cause, such as a stack overflow that presents itself with different backtraces.

This feature is available for both Android and Real-Time products.

December 2020

Memfault's Android SDK hits v3.0!#

Memfault's Bort SDK v3.0 has been released, which includes Memfault Caliper.

The Caliper system supports trace collection from various subsystems, as well as per device and fleet-wide metrics collection via the Android batterystats subsystem. Additional data sources, such as logs and system properties, are in development and are coming soon!

Memfault's Caliper is designed to have minimal effects on runtime performance, as well as consume less bandwidth and storage than sending bug reports.

To compare and contrast how Bug Reports and Memfault Caliper differ, please refer to the Bort SDK Reference docs page.

November 2020

Logging Improvements#

  • Power up your log searching capabilities with filtering by log level, tags, regular expressions. This helps you find offending log lines faster than ever. Works for both Android and Real-Time products.


October 2020

General Improvements#

  • It is now possible to give Issues a new title with the UI.


September 2020

Memfault Firmware Update CDN#

Memfault now supports serving firmware update payloads for Android devices using our Bort SDK. These payloads can be large, coming in betweeen 1-3GB.

Because of this, serving these files out AWS S3 directly was too slow. So we now have support for serving these files through a global CDN!

In our tests, devices can see 50MB/s download speeds from the CDN, so your customers should experience quick firmware updates.

For more information, check out our Android OTA documentation.

August 2020

Custom Metric Dashboards#

Memfault captures heartbeat metrics from devices. These metrics can then be viewed on a per-device basis. Customers have been asking for the ability to perform aggregates on these metrics over a fleet of devices.

We are happy to say this feature is now available! Once a metric chart is created, you can aggregate over the devices within a cohort or across a software version.


General Improvements#

  • You can now set the Device nickname and notes in the UI


  • Allow force-refreshing the metric dashboards

  • Issue filtering has been improved dramatically

July 2020

Support for Complex Upgrade Paths#

Many firmware projects have complex firmware upgrade paths. This might be to enable binary differential updates to save bandwidth or maybe to allow for a project to remove backwards-incompatible code.

For example, when upgrading a firmware from a 1.x to a 2.x release, the device might need to go through a migration firmware as shown below.