March Updates

Issue Reason Filter Multi-Select

You can now filter by multiple Issue reasons at once. The filtering will persist in the browser's localStorage and will propagate to the URL so that you can send links to your co-workers of your favorite queries.


Device Metrics Zoom and Normalize

We have added a zoom feature for the Device Metrics, as well as the ability to normalize the Y-axis units. This is useful for digging into a particular moment in time and comparing similar metrics.


Issues Improvements

Issue Detail Page Updates


We've given the Issue Detail page a face-lift and provided more data in less screen real-estate.

ESP32 Initial Support

Our Firmware SDK and service now has support for accepting events and coredumps generated from our ESP32 SDK port.

Improved Issue Filtering

Improved Issue Filtering and Sorting

As Memfault adds support for more types of Traces, we found that we were craving the ability to quickly filter by the reason, or the type of Issue. You can now find this ability in the new filtering dropdown.


We've also added the ability to sort by more fields in the Issues list. This enables teams to quickly learn which issues are the most prevalent and require attention.

New Jira Integration

In this update, we've added Jira integration, the ability to filter Issues by Cohort, and much more.

Issue Filtering and Improved Trace Analysis

Happy 2020! We hope you are as excited for the new year as we are at Memfault.

In this update, we've added improved Issue filtering, automated ISR analysis, a built-in hex viewer into the Trace viewer, and many other improvements.

FreeRTOS Stack High Water Marks and Selective Alerts

FreeRTOS Stack High Water Marks

When using FreeRTOS, Memfault will now show the high water mark of each thread, as well as show when a Stack Overflow has occurred on any thread. This can be applied to any RTOS, so if this is of interest, let us know.

General Improvements

  • Improve FreeRTOS coredump processing
  • Fix an issue where duplicates appeared in Globals and Statics tab
  • Improve response times for the API


Trigger alerts based on Heartbeat event metrics, and filter them by metric value and Device properties, such as Cohort, Device Serial, Nickname, Hardware Version, Software Type, and Software Version.

Streamlined API Uploads

Chunk Transport

Released "chunk" transport which provides a streamlined way of getting arbitrary data (coredumps, events, heartbeats, etc.) out of devices and into Memfault.

For more information, check the API documentation.

General Improvements

  • Improved response time improvements for APIs