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Rate Limiting

Here's a list of different events that may be rate-limited:

Rate LimitScopePlatformDetails
Ingestion of Custom ReportsDeviceAllCustom Reports are a primitive data type from which Metrics (both Timeseries and Attributes) are created. Heartbeats are built on top of Custom Reports.
Calls to the Latest Release endpointDeviceAllThe Latest Release endpoint returns the latest Release that should be installed for a given device.
Ingestion of Log FilesDeviceAllLog Files uploaded by Bort through the Caliper system (Android) or using the memfault_log_trigger_collection() API (MCU).
Ingestion of Reboot EventsDeviceAllReboot Events uploaded by Bort through the Caliper system (Android) or using the Reboot Reason Tracking subsystem (MCU).
Ingestion of Trace EventsDeviceMCUTrace Events are a MCU-specific feature allowing the capturing of an issue without sending a full Coredump.
Ingestion of CoredumpsDeviceMCUCoredumps are a source of Issues for MCU Projects.
Ingestion of Bug ReportsDeviceAndroidBug Reports are Android-specific files.
Ingestion of Drop Box Manager EntriesDeviceAndroidDrop Box Manager Entries uploaded by Bort through the Caliper system are produced by Android and can contain Java Exceptions, ANRs and Tombstones.
Ingestion of Batterystats FilesDeviceAndroidThe output of Android's Batterystats subsystem is periodically polled and uploaded by Bort through the Caliper system.
Ingestion of Custom EventsDeviceAndroidCustom Events are batch-uploaded by Bort periodically and also when the number of pending events reaches a threshold (by default, 1000 events).