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ARM Cortex-R Integration Guide

Getting started

Integrating on an ARM Cortex-R device follows the same workflow as on a Cortex-M device. Complete the steps in the guide linked below, then return here to implement any Cortex-R specific integration steps.

ARM Cortex-M integration guide

ARM Cortex-R specific steps

The ARMv7-R architecture has a different exception/interrupt handler dispatching mechanism as compared to Cortex-M devices (excerpt below is from the ARM Architecture Reference Manual ARMv7-A and ARMv7-R edition):

ARMv7-A/R exceptions

To integrate the Memfault fault handlers into the exception handlers, install the following functions into the program's vector table:

  • UndefinedInstruction_Handler
  • DataAbort_Handler
  • PrefetchAbort_Handler

These functions are defined in the Memfault Firmware SDK here.

An example vector table is show below:

@ import reference for interrupt routines

.extern _c_int00
.extern phantomInterrupt
.weak resetEntry

@ Memfault Fault Handlers used in the interrupt vector table below
.extern UndefinedInstruction_Handler
.extern DataAbort_Handler
.extern PrefetchAbort_Handler

@ interrupt vectors

ldr pc, =_c_int00
ldr pc, =UndefinedInstruction_Handler /* Memfault handler */
b svcEntry
ldr pc, =PrefetchAbort_Handler /* Memfault handler */
ldr pc, =DataAbort_Handler /* Memfault handler */
b phantomInterrupt
ldr pc,[pc,#-0x1b0]
ldr pc,[pc,#-0x1b0]

You should be able to see the correct addresses when dumping the .intvecs section (or whatever the vector section is called in your program).

$ arm-none-eabi-objdump --disassemble -j .intvecs ./build/memfault.elf

./build/memfault.elf: file format elf32-littlearm

Disassembly of section .intvecs:

00000000 <resetEntry>:
0: 18 f0 9f e5 18 f0 9f e5 ........

00000008 <svcEntry>:
8: eafffffe b 8 <svcEntry>
c: e59ff014 ldr pc, [pc, #20] ; 28 <svcEntry+0x20>
10: e59ff014 ldr pc, [pc, #20] ; 2c <svcEntry+0x24>
14: ea00246f b 91d8 <phantomInterrupt>
18: e51ff1b0 ldr pc, [pc, #-432] ; fffffe70 <_estack+0xf7fbfe70>
1c: e51ff1b0 ldr pc, [pc, #-432] ; fffffe74 <_estack+0xf7fbfe74>
20: 0000b598 .word 0x0000b598
24: 00012cf4 .word 0x00012cf4
28: 00012d70 .word 0x00012d70
2c: 00012d3c .word 0x00012d3c

$ arm-none-eabi-addr2line --exe ./build/memfault.elf 0x00012cf4 0x00012d70 0x00012d3c