User Management

Organization Admins can add, remove, view and update members of their organization on Memfault.

To see a list of users navigate to Admin > Users. This panel also allows you to change the role of existing user accounts and remove users from your organization.

User management panel

To invite new users, navigate to Admin > Invites. Enter the name of the user you want to invite, followed by a comma, space and their email address as shown below. New users are added as Member by default. Users can be upgraded to Admin after they accept their invite to join your organization.

Invite users to your organization

If you are unable to view the Admin panel for your organization, this is because your Memfault account is not an Admin account. Contact your organization's administrator to change the role on your account. If you do not know who your organization's administrator is, email us at

Note: users with role Admin will be able to:

  1. Access the Admin panel for your organization
  2. Update the roles of other users
  3. Invite new users to your organization
  4. Remove users from your organization
  5. Create new projects for your organzation
  6. Create new Organization Auth Tokens
  7. Delete existing Organization Auth Tokens