Setting up Jira Integration

This guide will cover how to set up the Jira Integration with Memfault so that a user can quickly and easily create new Jira Issues from Memfault Issues.

Edit Project Settings#

The first thing to do is to navigate to the Memfault Project Settings page. Under General โ†’ Integrations, hover over "Add" and select Atlassian Jira.

You should see the screen below.


In each field, input the following:

Instance URL#

This is the URL of the Jira instance. If it is hosted by Jira, it is likely

Parameters for /secure/CreateIssueDetails!init.jspa#

  • To find the Jira Project ID, or pid, you can follow the instructions here.
  • To find the Issue Type ID's, login to Jira in the browser and then navigate to https://<jira-instance-id>/rest/api/3/issuetype to find the ID's. When the response is returned, the desired field is labled id.
"self": "",
"id": "10004",
"description": "A problem or error.",
"iconUrl": "",
"name": "Bug",
"subtask": false,
"avatarId": 10303

For example, if the above response was returned, issuetype=10004 for a 'Bug'

Create Test Issue#

To ensure that everything works, you can click the Create Test Issue button. It should navigate to a new Jira page with the Project, Issue Type, Summary, and Description filled in.


Create Jira Ticket From Memfault Issue#

To try out the new integration, navigate to a pre-existing issue and look for the new button in the top right of the Issue details page.