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Setting up Jira Integration

This guide will cover how to set up the Jira Integration with Memfault so that a user can quickly and easily create new Jira Issues from Memfault Issues.

Edit Project Settings#

The first thing to do is to navigate to the Memfault Project Settings page. Under General → Integrations, hover over "Add" and select Atlassian Jira.

You should see the screen below.


In each field, input the following:

Instance URL#

This is the URL of the Jira instance. If it is hosted by Jira, it is likely

Parameters for /secure/CreateIssueDetails!init.jspa#

  • To find the Jira Project ID, or pid, you can follow the instructions here.
  • To find the Issue Type ID's, login to Jira in the browser and then navigate to https://<jira-instance-id>/rest/api/3/issuetype to find the ID's. When the response is returned, the desired field is labled id.
"self": "",
"id": "10004",
"description": "A problem or error.",
"iconUrl": "",
"name": "Bug",
"subtask": false,
"avatarId": 10303

For example, if the above response was returned, issuetype=10004 for a 'Bug'

Create Test Issue#

To ensure that everything works, you can click the Create Test Issue button. It should navigate to a new Jira page with the Project, Issue Type, Summary, and Description filled in.


Create Jira Ticket From Memfault Issue#

To try out the new integration, navigate to a pre-existing issue and look for the new button in the top right of the Issue details page.