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Memfault is a complete device monitoring solution integrating into any embedded device utilizing ARM Cortex-M or ESP32 MCUs, running bare-metal or an RTOS, and using any data path.

How does it work?​

  1. The Memfault Firmware SDK collects device coredumps (including backtraces, fault registers, etc.), logs, reboot reasons, and custom metrics.
  2. The SDK forms collected data into packets, called chunks, as small as 9 bytes to be sent over whatever transport you use (e.g., Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Zigbee, or proprietary protocols).
  3. The Memfault cloud reassembles data structures from received chunks and analyzes the contents. Memfault produces traces, metric readings, and other data from these chunks to associate with individual devices and aggregate across your fleet.
  4. Memfault groups traces together into issues and sends notifications when problems are detected. Memfault offers powerful ways to drill into issues and dashboards to examine fleet health.

Adding the Memfault Firmware SDK to your device will provide rich diagnostics, including:

Example coredump collected with Memfault
Device metrics collected with Memfault
Reboot reasons collected with Memfault
Trace Events collected with Memfault

Getting Started​

The Memfault Firmware SDK is designed as a collection of components, so you can include only what is needed for your project.

Integration Guides​

We have step-by-step guides which cover how to add the SDK to a project, capture an error, and publish data to the Memfault cloud:

Create a Memfault Account

The following guides assume you already have a Memfault Account. If you don't yet have one, you can create one here.

MCU ArchitectureGetting Started Guide
ARM Cortex-MARM Cortex-M Integration Guide
nRF Connect SDKnRF Connect SDK Integration Guide
ESP32 ESP-IDF (Xtensa and RISC-V)ESP32 ESP-IDF Integration Guide
ESP8266ESP8266 RTOS Integration Guide
Dialog DA1469xDA1469x Integration Guide
NXP MCUXpresso RT1060NXP MCUXpresso SDK for i.MX RT Guide
Zephyr RTOSZephyr Integration Guide
ARM Cortex-RARM Cortex-R Integration Guide


Once the memfault-firmware-sdk is in place, a number of modules can easily be integrated into the system:

  • Coredumps - Allows one to collect the system state when the device hangs, crashes or asserts unexpectedly.
  • Reboot Reasons - allows one to collect why devices are rebooting in the field (whether it be due to a crash, brownout or a firmware update). Summaries and aggregates can then be viewed from the Memfault web application.
  • Device Metrics - A flexible way to collect system health vitals that are important to your application (whether it be battery life, connectivity statistics, performance measurements or something else!). From the Memfault web application, metrics are plotted over time for any device and fleet wide summaries can be viewed via dashboards.
  • Trace Events - allows one to collect lightweight events (<40 bytes) when error conditions occur. These events can be collected while the system is running and can be used to discover how often unexpected errors are occurring (flash write failures, I2C bus timeouts, etc).

Design Documents​

The Memfault data collection system was designed from the ground up with embedded devices in mind. Deeper explorations into the designs of the subsystems can be found below:

  • Event Serialization - Describes how Memfault event serialization was optimized for embedded applications and how it compares against other serialization strategies.
  • Data Transport - Examines how data is shuttled from the device to the cloud

Example Projects​

We provide fully functional example projects for specific development boards. These examples can be used as a quick way to try out Memfault without needing to modify an existing project.

BoardThumbnailExample Project


Note:other ESP32 boards should work similarly

From the Memfault SDK:

nRF9160 DK

Nordic maintains an example app included with the nRF Connect SDK:

The Memfault SDK includes a basic example:


Note: other NXP RT10xx boards should be nearly compatible with the example application source, but will require a different MCUXpresso SDK for hardware support

Note: a detailed integration guide can be found here

STM32L4 Discovery Kit for IoT Node (B-L475E-IOT01A)

From the Memfault SDK:

PSoC™ 64 Standard Secure - AWS Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-064S0S2-4343W)

From the Memfault SDK:

PSoC™ 62S2 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062S2-43012)

Detailed integration guide:

Example project:

SmartBond™ DA14585 Bluetooth Low Energy Pro Development Kit

From the Memfault SDK:

Dialog SmartBond™ DA14695 Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.2 USB Development Kit

Detailed integration guide:

From the Memfault SDK: