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July 2022

Linux SDK 0.2.0

Memfault extends its features on embedded Linux toward basic fleet operations. You can now measure basic fleet-wide health metrics by tracking reboots and their cause at scale. Similar to Memfault’s MCU and Android SDKs, there is now a dedicated Memfault Linux SDK 0.2.0 with source code including examples. The SDK repository comes with Docker images including QEMU support to simplify the first steps.

Documentation, Repository, and Project Wizard for Linux

As part of the SDK, a new on-device agent memfaultd orchestrates the configuration of related components such as SWUpdate for OTA. It will act as a minimal yet central component in future releases for features such as metrics and crash reporting.

There is also a new Getting Started section that guides users through the setup with Yocto, and the reference documentation covers more details.


  • Added: Entries are now shown under Events Debug when an invalid serial number is sent
  • Improved: Users can opt-out of email for alerts and issues separately via notification preferences
  • Improved: Performance of Device Timeline
  • Improved: Various UI elements (Issue List on Device Details, consistent use of issue type in lists, next available release of a device)
  • Improved: Documentation of alert frequency and file upload API endpoints
  • Fixed: Visual glitches (chart icons on Safari, truncated tooltips, overlapping content in lists)
  • Fixed: Error when activating full releases via the Version Matrix
  • Fixed: Missing issue reasons on Dashboard
  • Fixed: Missing device serial numbers at Issues → Recent Traces
  • Fixed: Device search result no longer sorted by last seen
  • Fixed: Error when marking a metric as a device attribute when approaching quota limits
  • Fixed: Error when trying to activate a non-staged release using memfault-cli
  • Changed: Normalized Charts now only consider active devices of a given population


  • Added: Published Python package mflt_compact_log to decode Memfault-flavored compact logs
  • Added: Published list of contributions to memfault-ios-cloud
  • SDK versions 0.31.3, 0.31.4 and 0.31.5 were released. Some highlights: ****
    • Added: Support for Zephyr v3.1+ by conditionally compiling out Logger v1 code (and pre-release of nRF Connect SDK v2.0.99 and Zephyr > v3.1)
    • Added: Support for deferring the initializing Memfault SDK to application start on ESP32 port with new Kconfig option: CONFIG_MEMFAULT_AUTOMATIC_INIT
    • Added: Support for initializing Memfault earlier in the system startup for diagnosing crashes in an early driver initialization on Zephyr port with new Kconfig options, CONFIG_MEMFAULT_INIT_PRIORITY/CONFIG_MEMFAULT_INIT_LEVEL_POST_KERNEL
    • Fixed: Build warnings on NRF Connect SDK + Zephyr v3.1 (partially supported)
    • Fixed: Backtraces for Zephyr __ASSERT() macro on aarch32/cortex_m.
    • Fixed: compilation issue in the Dialog example app from the removal of memfault_demo_cli_cmd_print_chunk() in Memfault SDK release v0.31.4.