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Projects and Fleets

What is a Project, and what is a Fleet?#

A Project is the umbrella under which Memfault organizes all the data related to a particular hardware product. Individual Devices check in periodically to the Project via the Memfault API, and the set of all checked-in Devices is called the Fleet.

A Fleet often consists of homogeneous devices, like a certain model of an AC unit or a games console. Fleets may also consist of different but related devices, for example left and right wireless earbuds. We recommend keeping different revisions of the same hardware in the same Project, so that revisions can be easily compared later.

Within each Memfault Project you can:

Creating a new Project#

You can create a new project in Memfault by navigating to the project selector in the sidebar. You can find an option to Create Project below your list of existing projects.


Organizing your Fleet#


You can slice your Fleet into mutually exclusive Cohorts, for example a beta Cohort and a production Cohort. Cohorts are perfect for releasing new firmware versions to a small test group, before pushing it out to customers. Cohorts also lend themselves to things like light A/B testing, or deploying slight variations of the firmware to different Device revisions within a Project.


As you may have noticed already, Cohorts are meant to help you deploy the right software to the right Devices at the right time. Devices can only belong to one cohort at a time.