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Inspecting a Device

Individual Devices can be accessed through many parts of the web application, for example by clicking on a Device's serial number on the Devices search page.

Device details#

Most of the metadata describing the Device lives in the Details section. You can view the hardware version and last reported software version, as well as when the device first and last contacted Memfault. You can also define some metadata yourself, namely the Nickname and Notes for the Device. This can be useful, for example, to record your notes from a debugging session.

Image showing the entire Device details page

Linked Devices#


This feature is not automatically enabled, please contact us to discuss how it can be enabled for your Project.

In many situations a Device does not operate in a vacuum. When debugging wireless earbuds, for example, the left and right bud is intimately linked, and misbehavior in one can cause a crash in the other. Memfault enables your Devices to report which other Devices they are in some way linked to, whatever "linked" means in your particular case.

Animation showing the mouse hovering over a linked Device tag in the Device details page

Tabs for debugging#

Below the Device details is a rich set of data reported by the Device, suitable for both debugging and general observability. This view contains slightly different information depending on your device, please see the pages for MCU devices, Android devices and Linux devices for more details.