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September 2022

Linux SDK 1.0 with Coredump support

Memfault's Linux SDK reached version 1.0 when introducing support for Coredumps: In the event of a crash of any process on the system, memfaultd produces a memory dump that will be uploaded to Memfault for further processing to allow for detailed debugging across the fleet. Together with the already existing support for OTA, metrics, and reboot reasons, Memfault now offers all its essential features on Linux devices!

Linux SDK 1.0.0.png

The documentation of Memfault’s Linux SDK was extended even further to explain the integration steps as well as the growing number of configuration options.


  • Added: Weekly view to Reboots chart
  • Added: Device counts to the project selector on the sidebar
  • Added: Issue filtering with multiple selection of Cohorts, Hardware and Software versions
  • Added: Cross-links to the Device Timeline and Device Search UI from various pages
  • Improved: Documentation of managing OTA releases and Android Custom Events
  • Improved: Various UI glitches and improvements (More readable timestamps under Device Details → Log Files, UI feedback when accessing an issue with no traces, indication when a software version was last seen, preventing misconfigured Issue Charts)
  • Improved: memfault-cli uses consistently follows precedence for authentication method for all commands
  • Fixed: Device search via Custom Attributes, Time-Series Metrics or Reboot Reasons returned an empty result set in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Timeouts when deleting a cohort with more than 10.000 devices
  • Fixed: Threads details can be copied under Device Details → State
  • Fixed: Search results returning no metrics under Settings → Metrics
  • Fixed: Sporadic refresh of the Device Details page if it has linked device(s)
  • Fixed: Error when creating Device Sets with historical data filter
  • Fixed: Error when accessing certain pages on Safari that are date-dependent
  • Fixed: Error when loading a log file under Device Details page
  • Fixed: Filter panel of Merged Issues resets after the selection of first filter
  • Fixed: Error when accessing a release created via memfault-cli


  • Improved: build_id is shown under Events Debug if a symbol file is missing
  • Fixed: Package header error in memfault-ios-cloud (Thanks @cbeaversen for reporting it!)
  • SDK versions 0.33.2, 0.33.3, 0.33.4 were released. Some highlights:
    • Added: A debug cli test command to the nRF-Connect SDK port for printing the OTA URL
    • Added: A call to LOG_PANIC() before running the Memfault Zephyr fault handler, to flush any deferred logs before the reboot
    • Added: Handling thread abort in the Zephyr task stack capture hook
    • Fixed: Error about undefined references to log_output_* functions if logging (CONFIG_LOG) is disabled. (Thanks @balaji-nordic for reporting it!)


  • Improved: Navigation to previous/next log files at Device Details → Logs
  • Bort version 4.2.0 was released. Some highlights:
    • Added: Support for Android 12L and Android 13.
    • Added: Developer Mode to make the integration and testing experience easier.
    • Added: C/C++ API for reporting custom metrics.
    • Added: Support for auto-installing OTA updates in the background
    • Added: Support for custom log scrubbing rules
    • Added: OTA update check task to the Bort CLI
    • Improved: Bort build speed and Java/Kotlin warnings during compilation
    • Changed: Device will reboot after applying an A/B update
    • Fixed: Custom metric collection on some devices running Qualcomm QSSI Android 12 build