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May 2022

Memfault OTA for Embedded Linux

Memfault’s over-the-air update service is now available on Embedded Linux with SWUpdate via the hawkBit DDI. This makes all Memfault OTA management and hosting features such as cohorts, staged rollouts, full vs. delta releases, and a scalable global CDN available to Linux devices that utilize one of the most popular update agents. Memfault also added support for forced (non-interactive) updates – invaluable for delivering security updates to embedded IoT devices.

Memfault ❤️ Linux.png

To communicate with SWUpdate clients, Memfault acts as a hawkBit update server. It implements the Direct Device Integration API enabling other on-device agents such as RAUC (via hawkBit client) to deliver and install software remotely as well.


  • Improved: User flow for Single Sign-On
  • Improved: UX when editing/deleting metrics to inform about affected charts and alerts
  • Improved: Manually refreshing charts updates data for all accessible time ranges
  • Improved: UI for Issues reflects data retention of raw data (e.g. “Recent Traces”)
  • Improved: Alerts can only be configured with compatible metrics (time-series vs. attributes)
  • Improved: New category “Danger Zone” in settings for irreversible operations on projects and organizations
  • Improved: Various UI elements (app-level status badge, column header on issues list, removed “Beta 🧪” badge from several places, tooltip for charts, title on release details page, clarified grouping on cohort’s version distribution, tooltips in version matrix)
  • Fixed: UI glitch when changing custom metric filter in device search
  • Fixed: Various UI glitches in issue details page (responsivenes, resetting search criteria)
  • Fixed: Multi-select on Issue list broken
  • Fixed: Timeout for page Settings→Hardware for some projects


  • Added: Project type for NXP MCUXpresso
  • Improved: Processing errors for traces now shown in status queue
  • Fixed: Different edge cases when processing coredumps for ESP32 and QCC51xx
  • Fixed: Coredumps not processed unless matching hardware_version was configured
  • Clarified license for MCU templates is Apache 2
  • SDK versions 0.30.4 and 0.30.5 were releases. Some highlights:
    • Support NXP’s MCUXpresso IDE
    • ESP-IDF: Memfault Compact Log example integration to the examples/esp32 project
    • MEMFAULT_NRF_CONNECT_SDK enabled by default for nrf52 + nrf53


  • Improved: Filtering by logging source for Android log viewer
  • No new version of the Android Bort AOSP SDK in May.