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December 2021

Device Sets

You can now observe the development of your device fleet even better via fully customizable Device Sets (Fleet→Device Sets). Based on your project-specific Device Attributes and Time-Series Metrics each set describes devices that match unique criteria such as “devices that exceeded 40MB of daily network traffic” or “devices in the UK”.

You can create a Device Set from any existing device search and use them to track key performance indicators over time.

Various Charts based on Device Sets

Issue Charts

The new chart type Issue Chart complements the custom Metrics Chart (Dashboards→Metrics) and plots the number of occurrences of a specific group of issues over time. When combined with the recently introduced Chart Comparison Mode, Issue Charts allow for sophisticated tracking of ongoing software updates to answer the relevant question “does my software update fix the bugs it claims to fix?”

Dialog to create a new Issue Chart


  • Added editing of primary software type via Project→Settings
  • Added ability to search for issues by ID (when merging or for issue charts)
  • Added option to disable checks for Primary Software Type per Cohort in OTA rules
  • Improved Documentation on OTA
  • Removed min_version from OTA releases
  • Removed the term “Deployment” from UI and documentation
  • Removed Events Charts from Overview Dashboard


There was no new version of the Memfault MCU SDK in December.

Android SDK

We did not publish a new version of Bort, the Memfault AOSP SDK, in December.