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Memfault Command


The root command for the Memfault CLI.


The root command for the Memfault CLI. All subcommands are grouped underneath this command. This command provides common options to each of the subcommands.


--emailNoneFalseNoneAccount email to authenticate with
--passwordNoneFalseNoneAccount password or user API key to authenticate with
--project-keyNoneFalseNoneMemfault Project Key
--org-tokenNoneFalseNoneOrganization Auth Token
--orgNoneFalseNoneOrganization slug
--projectNoneFalseNoneProject slug
--verboseNoneFalseFalseLog verbosely
--versionNoneFalseFalseShow the version and exit.
--helpNoneFalseFalseShow this message and exit.


completionGenerate shell completion script for memfault.
consoleOpen a serial terminal and automatically post chunks to Memfault
deploy-releasePublish a Release to a Cohort.
post-chunkSends data generated by the memfault-firmware-sdk ("chunks") to the Memfault cloud.
upload-android-app-symbolsUpload symbols & R8/ProGuard mapping for an Android app build.
upload-aosp-symbolsUpload symbols for an Android OS/AOSP build.
upload-bugreportUpload an Android Bug Report for analysis by Memfault.
upload-coredumpUpload an MCU coredump for analysis.
upload-custom-data-recordingUpload a custom data recording (read: any file that might help you with debugging).
upload-elf-coredumpUpload a Linux ELF coredump for analysis by Memfault.
upload-elf-symbolsUpload symbols from a tarball of binaries
upload-marUpload a Memfault Archive File (mar) file for analysis.
upload-mcu-symbolsUpload symbols for an MCU build.
upload-ota-payloadUpload a binary to be used for an OTA update.
upload-symbols[DEPRECATED] Upload symbols for an MCU or Android build.
upload-xedUpload an .xed or .xcd file for analysis.
upload-yocto-symbolsUpload symbols for a Linux Yocto build.