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June 2021

Nordic nRF Connect SDK Memfault Integration

Nordic Semiconductor's nRF Connect SDK now has Memfault's SDK built-in, allowing for customers and users of Nordic's chips and tools to integrate and use Memfault in minutes.

Check out our press release for more information!

As for new Memfault features, we made improvements to symbol-file uploading and downloading, added favorite projects, and sped everything up a bit.


  • Memfault can now surface which Devices are staged (will receive an update) in a staged rollout. To determine which of your Devices are staged, navigate to Fleet -> Deployments and click on Devices on a staged rollout Deployment.

  • You can now upload missing symbol files directly from the "Unprocessed Traces" dialog. If the Software Version is a development version and the alert can be ignored, you can also click Archive to archive the version directly.

  • Improve handling around Issue timestamps to prevent historical or future dates from being set as attributes of the Issue. This could happen when a device's clock was set to January 1970 or the year 2099!

  • Symbol files and coredumps can now be downloaded directly from the Issue page, which means no more having to bounce between the Software and Issue pages.

  • For customers with 5+ projects, you can now set a project as a "Favorite" and it will be automatically loaded when you go to

  • Improved the performance when paging between "next" and "previous" Traces on an Issue.

  • Improved the performance of the Reboot and Metrics charts.


  • Trace Events that were created by Software Versions which has been archived, will now be hidden.
  • When there is an active interrupt on a Trace, the backtrace is automatically expanded for discoverability.
  • Reduced code space utilized by metric subsystem by transitioning from a string representation of metric names to an enum representation.
  • Removed "DST Root CA X3" from the required Memfault root certificate list as there is no infrastructure that relies on it anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where MCU logs could fail if a timestamp was included.
  • For more details on the changes to the Firmware SDK that didn't make the changelog, check out the Memfault Firmware SDK changelog.


  • Initial support for Android 11 was added to the Bort SDK.
  • Fixed a problem where BatteryStat-based system metrics stop being collected if the battery was fully charged and still plugged.
  • For more details on the changes to the Android Bort SDK that didn't make the changelog, check out the Memfault Bort SDK changelog.