December 2020

Memfault's Android SDK hits v3.0!#

Memfault's Bort SDK v3.0 has been released, which includes Memfault Caliper.

The Caliper system supports trace collection from various subsystems, as well as per device and fleet-wide metrics collection via the Android batterystats subsystem. Additional data sources, such as logs and system properties, are in development and are coming soon!

Memfault's Caliper is designed to have minimal effects on runtime performance, as well as consume less bandwidth and storage than sending bug reports.

To compare and contrast how Bug Reports and Memfault Caliper differ, please refer to the Bort SDK Reference docs page.


  • Developers can now attach logs to Trace Events. This feature now allows you to attach error codes, messages, and helpful debugging information to our already optimized Trace Event format.

  • The Metric Browser has gained the ability for normalize along the time axis. This is especially helpful devices devices that attach wall-time to heartbeat events.

  • The Zephyr port will now capture the backtrace of all threads.
  • Built-in OTA support added for the ESP-IDF.
  • Support added capturing monitoring data for the ESP-8266.
  • Support added for nRF Connect SDK v1.4.0.
  • For more details on the changes to the Firmware SDK that didn't make the changelog, check out the Memfault Firmware SDK changelog.


  • Memfault now collects and presents Boot Reasons, shown by device and aggregated by project in the Overview page. This helps teams quickly gain awareness of issues causing devices to reboot in the field. NOTE: Works best on Memfault Android (Bort) SDK 3.0

    To see it in action, navigate to Project โ†’ Overview and scroll down until you see the graphs! Also can be seen as a "swimlane" on Fleet โ†’ Device โ†’ <click on a device> โ†’ "Timeline"
  • You can now download any sections of a Bug Report on-the-fly! Previously, Memfault would only extract a few relevant sections, but now, users can view and download any section of the Bug Report.

    To download Bug Report sections for yourself, you'll find them under the Artifacts tab.
  • "Denial" Issues are no longer shown by default. To view them, use the filtering options.
  • For more details on the changes to the Android Bort SDK that didn't make the changelog, check out the Memfault Bort SDK changelog.