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June 2020

Reboot Reason Tracking

Memfault will now show an overview of why devices in your fleet are rebooting. If a project implements the Reboot Reason Tracking module, Memfault will show this information in the main dashboard.



This functionality is coming soon for Android.

General Improvements

  • We've had a couple of requests to allow for more fine-grained control of which firmware binaries devices with a cohort are given to install.

    It is now possible to bypass Memfault's built-in version checking and allow devices to download firmwares which our system detects as a "downgrade."


    You can find this setting under the Cohort Settings page.

  • Added revision field to the SoftwareVersion API to allow users to store the revision of the VCS commit. For more information, check out our API docs.


  • Improve usability of the HTTP libraries to query for OTA payloads hosted on Memfault.
  • Improve backtrace recovery for FreeRTOS.
  • For more details on the changes to the Firmware SDK that didn't make the changelog, check out the Memfault Firmware SDK changelog.


  • Add the ability to limit the log data stored by Memfault to specified application identifiers. You can find these settings under the Project Settings page.


  • Improve handling of timezones within the Memfault dashboard when browsing Bug Report data.

  • Improve reliability of processing large Bug Reports.

  • Improve reliability of processing tombstones from Bug Reports.

  • For more details on the changes to the Android Bort SDK that didn't make the changelog, check out the Memfault Bort SDK changelog.