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April 2020

Memfault Changelog for April


The changelog is now separated into 3 sections: Embedded, Android, and General.


  • Add support for showing logs in the Issue detail view if the device is compiled and uses the Memfault Logging SDK.


  • Add support for deleting a symbol file for a Software Version from the UI
  • Show Device reboots in the Device detail view
  • Improve Trace de-duplication when a Device crashes from within an ISR


  • In the Timeline view, Memfault shows the "Foreground Activity" at any given time


  • Improve Logcat log parsing when a custom format is specified
  • Improve Java exception parsing
  • Improve support for Kernel Oops
  • Improve the zoom feature of the Timeline viewer


  • Allow cross-region S3 uploads to speed up initial uploads. If this is a requirement, please contact us
  • Performance improvements when sorting on the Issues view

Firmware SDK Changes#

Check out the Memfault Firmware SDK changelog for further changes.