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Schedules, More RTOS Support, MPU Analyzer, and More

Update Schedules#


EDIT (Aug. 2021) This feature has been removed from Memfault.

You can now specify per Cohort when Devices are able to update. If you only want to update Devices on the weekends, now you can! Find the new settings in the Cohort Settings card.



Times are in UTC.

ThreadX and Zephyr RTOS Support#

Memfault can now process Traces sent by devices running ThreadX and Zephyr and provide backtraces to all of the threads, show arguments and local variables with functions, and detect faults!

Analyzer for MPU Configuration#

Memfault now analyzes the active MPU configuration (for any Cortex-M0+, M1, M3, M4, or M7) and can detect common configuration errors that can go unnoticed and cause issues in the field.

We've included another tab on the Issues/Trace page which shows our MPU analysis. Here, we tell you if the MPU is configured correctly or not, and provide guidance on how to fix any issues we find.


Show Resolved Date and Resolver#

Memfault now shows when and who resolved an Issue in the Issue Status card.


Release Ordering#

Releases within the dashboard can now be sorted. They are sorted using standard Semantic Versioning 2.0 sorting. This sorting method is also used when know if a Release is "greater" than another.