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Distributions, Filtering, Recent Events, and More

Cohort/Release/Hardware Distributions for Issues#

On an Issue Detail page, it is now possible to view the Distribution of all Traces which led to an Issue grouped by Release, Cohort, and Hardware Version. No more guessing which groups of Devices were affected!


Filtering by Device Serial#

You can now search by Device Serial on the Devices List and Events pages.


View Recent Events for a Device Easily#

In a Device's Detail page, it is now easy to go to the most recent Events for that device by clicking Events in the upper right corner of the Events Seen By Day chart.


Cohorts View now under Fleet#

We've moved the Cohorts View underneath the Fleet tab to better align with the meaning of Fleet. It is now the default page to open upon login.


Update Cohort with Device Details page#

Along with the Devices List page, you are now able to change the Cohort of a Device in its Details page.