Issues Improvements

Issue Detail Page Updates


We've given the Issue Detail page a face-lift and provided more data in less screen real-estate.

ESP32 Initial Support

Our Firmware SDK and service now has support for accepting events and coredumps generated from our ESP32 SDK port.

Other Updates

  • Filtering Issues by Reason is now possible.
  • Hovering over a Device Serial will show more information about the Device.
  • For Alerts, we've added a count seen in the last 72 hours.
  • Processing errors for coredumps and bugreports are now persisted properly in the "Queue Status" dropdown.
  • Improved error handling for the API.
  • Performance improvements of hex viewer in the issue detail view.
  • Better hex viewer experience when viewing on smaller screens.
  • Fix a bug which would cause a corrupted coredump or task list to timeout during processing.
  • Improved Cohort name and slug validation.
  • Fix bug which prevented Event Traces from functioning properly when using C++.
  • Add the ability to delete Software Artifacts using the API.

Firmware SDK Changes

Check out the Memfault Firmware SDK changelog for further changes.