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Android Reboot Reason Tracking


For best results with this feature, we recommend using at least the 3.0 version of the Bort SDK. Check out the getting started guide for details on integrating the latest version.

The Memfault Bort SDK can track when your device reboots and upload an event when this occurs, allowing you to visualize unexpected spikes in device resets across your fleet.

On Android 9 and above, the sys.boot.reason system property is available, so the SDK is able to associate the reboot event with the reason reported by the OS. This includes reasons such as low battery, dangerous reboots from a watchdog condition, as well as expected reasons such as reboots due to an OTA update.

For detailed information on the different types of boot reasons, see Android's Canonical Boot Reason documentation.

For versions of Android prior to 9, because the boot reasons are unavailable, the reasons are displayed in Memfault as bort_unknown.

A chart of the reboot events for devices in a given project can be found by navigating to Dashboards and Overview. Below is a sample of what reboot reasons may look like on a small fleet of test devices: