Memfault CLI tool

The Memfault CLI tool is a simple command-line program which purpose is to make integrations with the Memfault cloud from other systems, like continuous integration servers, as easy as possible.

Under the hood, the tool acts as a client to Memfault's HTTP API.

The Memfault CLI tool is written in Python and published publicly in the Python Package Index (pypi).

Installing the Memfault CLI tool

To install it, make sure you have a recent version of Python 3.x installed.

Tip: use a virtualenv to avoid conflicts with dependencies of other projects that use Python.

Then run pip3 install memfault-cli to install it.

Once installed, the memfault command should be available in your shell:

$ memfault
Usage: memfault [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
--email TEXT Account email to authenticate with
--password TEXT Account password or user API key to authenticate with
--org TEXT Organization slug
--project TEXT Project slug
--help Show this message and exit.
upload-bugreport Upload an Android Bug Report for analysis by Memfault.
upload-coredump Upload a firmware coredump for analysis.
upload-ota-payload Upload a binary to be used for a firmware update.
upload-symbols Upload symbols for a Firmware or Android build.