General Improvements

  • Improve FreeRTOS coredump processing
  • Fix an issue where duplicates appeared in Globals and Statics tab
  • Improve response times for the API

Status Updates

Coredump Processing Status

Easily know which coredumps were recently uploaded, if they experienced any errors, and which Issue they were attached to.

ChibiOS, Complex Devices, and More

ChibiOS Support

Memfault now has support for accepting and parsing coredumps from a device running ChibiOS. It will recover threads, thread state, and global and static variables.

Distributions, Filtering, Recent Events, and More

June 20th, 2019

Cohort/Release/Hardware Distributions for Issues

On an Issue Detail page, it is now possible to view the Distribution of all Traces which led to an Issue grouped by Release, Cohort, and Hardware Version. No more guessing which groups of Devices were affected!